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The security of your website is important for us!

FirewallsProtected by antiviruses, firewalls, specific threath prevention tools, RAID hard drives and off-site backups, our preventive security strategy increases our service's reliability. All of our softwares are used under legal license.
Shopping cartSecurity is our priority; this is why we offer Paypal services as well as SSL certificates (https://) for your online business.
DiskDaily backups include databases, FTP files and emails.
SSL Certificates

Standard SSL certificate (static IP)
  $ 7.89*  

Prenium SSL certificate (static IP)
  $ 11.84*  


Backups for 1 day
  $ 0.78*  

Backups for 10 days
  $ 1.57*  

Backups for 30 days
  $ 3.94*  

  * Monthly price based on a 12 month contract (conditions apply)  
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